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Lattes and a moment for you

I was up early today, and started my routine while the rest of the family were safe and sound snuggled in their beds. This is always the quietest part of the day before the starting pistol for the day fires off.

I bought my husband a Latte Espresso Machine for Christmas this year. We didn't used to drink a lot of coffee but in the last year and a half (since the twins were born) we've gone from coffee virgins to connoisseurs in a relatively short amount of time. (Parenting hack!) When you give yourself a few minutes in the morning to lay out a course of action for the day it already feels like you've started to accomplish things off of your to-do list.

During our morning routine we get the twins up and ready for daycare. It's a workout in itself to get the twins ready but as winter is upon us the added amount of time to wrestle them into their full snow regalia (it's currently in the -20s) is an uphill battle.

We are at the stage where they are still in back-facing car seats where they cannot wear any winter clothes under the straps for safety reasons. We've been trying to figure out the best way to get them from house to car (and vice versa) so that they won't be cold. We've tried a variety of ways to keep them warm during the buckle-in procedure, such as taking all the winter gear off as quickly as possible, or wrapping a warm blanket around them or simply running them out to the car, and so on. (Parenting hack!) However, and I'm sure a parent way smarter than I has already figured this out, the best way for us to get the twins to the car and keep them warm is to put their winter coats on backwards and just do the Velcro portion of the jacket up. This way our babies are less cold and we can quickly and efficiently buckle them up in record time.

Now, time a for another latte.

Here's hoping your day has what ever pick-me-up you need to be your best self.

Photo by Robert Gontier. iPhone 6. Location: Kerr Street Cafe.

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