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Recipe: Blueberry Pie

Up next in our weekly ingredient exploration is blueberries! They are so tart and juicy and make a terrific snack for adults or toddlers. We have just started giving blueberries to the twins whole (without cutting them in half) and they are loving them. Their bodies are still learning to digest the skins of the berry but I'll spare you the details.

I wanted to continue to hone my pastry skills, so to start off blueberry week I made a simple but tasty blueberry pie.

Blueberries washed and ready to go!

Blueberries and pie shell.

Coated blueberries in a pastry shell.

Just before it goes into the oven (complete with my new apron!).

Finished pie.

Eaten pie!

All photos by Robert Gontier. iPhone 6.

Blueberry Pie

Prep Time: 60 minutes Cook Time: 50 minutes Total Time: 1 hours & 50 minutes

Here's the link from the Williams-Sonoma recipe page:


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